Youth Impact Project (YIP)

For The Struggle, Inc.’s Youth Impact Project, also known as YIP, focuses on educating youth about issues of racial and social justice for purposes of engaging youth to actively educate, empower and engage other members of the community about such issues. YIP has partnered with Alexander Graham Middle School located in Charlotte, North Carolina to implement its inaugural YIP “Social and Racial Justice Program.” This program educates students about racial and social justice issues involving: (1) inequity in schools and the school to prison pipeline; (2) voter suppression and the importance of voting; and (3) the United States Constitution’s Fourth Amendment’s protections against unreasonable searches and seizures and how it practically applies to encounters with law enforcement. Young attorneys and local college students with a focus on law and criminal justice are trained to help mentor and instruct the children. 

The 2019 program will begin with pairing a certain number of students with each volunteer, who will assist the children throughout the program. The program culminates into the children preparing and making oral arguments based on a fact pattern that either focuses on the school to prison pipeline and/or the Fourth Amendment. With the assistance of the YIP volunteers, the children will be prepared to make their arguments to a panel of attorneys and judges. The children will also host a voter registration drive and informational at a location of their choice.