Community Response Team

Pursuant to the goals and purpose of For The Struggle, Inc., the Community Response Team, also known as CRT, is a critical component and focus area of the organization. The Community Response Team responds to any issues involving racial and/or social injustice in the community. The response to such issues may be in the form of education, outreach, community engagement, policy and/or legal action

Elder Response Initiative

The Elder Response Initiative (“ERI”) is one of the CRT’s specialized initiatives that focuses on providing services to the elderly community. The ERI is led by a team of real estate agents, financial planners, and real estate and wills, estates and trusts attorneys. The team is working together to provide free future planning services to elderly individuals who reside in historically and predominantly black communities. 

If you or a loved one is in need of such services, please click here to let us know about your experience.

Protecting Our Communities, Preserving Our Culture

Upon learning that investors and businesses were constantly calling and mailing residents and their family members solicitations to purchase their homes at prices far under market value, the Community Response Team began to gather information regarding the issue. This is still an ongoing investigation and legal effort. 

Click here for WBTV’s news coverage regarding the issue. 

If you have received such calls or mailings, please let us know below.